Investment objective

Fund Information
Fund name Mirae Asset Fundo de Investimento Multimercado
Launch date 29.11.2013
Anbima class Multimarket
CVM class Multimarket Fund
Operational Info
Minimum subscription R$ 5.000.00
Minimum transaction R$ 100.00
Minimum balance R$ 1,000.00
Subscription NAV D+0
Payment date D+1
Payment date D+2
Management fee 1,50% o.y
Performance fee 20% on what exceeds CDI in the period
Benchmark CDI

Mirae Asset Wealth Management (Brasil) CTVM
Av. Brg. Faria Lima 3900, 4° andar - Itaim Bibi
São Paulo - SP
Tel: (011) 2789-2000

Administrator/Legal Distributor

Santander Caceis Brasil DTVM S.A.
CNPJ: 62.318.407/0001-19
Rua Amador Bueno, 474, 1º Andar, Bloco D
São Paulo
CEP: 04752-901


Mirae Asset Global Investimentos
CNPJ: 09.095.455/0001-02
Av. Brg. Faria Lima 3900, 4° andar - Itaim Bibi,
São Paulo - SP,
CEP 04538-132
Tel: (11) 2608-8500

Date format - DD.MM.YYYY
Historical NAV

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- Monthly Performance Report*
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