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Mirae Asset Global Investments leverages the experience, passion, and expertise of our four brands across the world in 10 markets to build a differentiated ETF business that is client-centric and truly built around investors. Offering a comprehensive range of simple and innovative solutions that provide exposure to disruptive themes, access to global markets and tools that help clients achieve their investment objectives. (All data as of June, 2021)


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Our pioneering spirit and desire to break new ground has enabled us to create an investor centric platform that offers a wide range of simple and innovative solutions


Exchange Traded Funds

Providing a broad range of solutions that spans thematic, income, international access, core, commodity and active ETFs.


Research & Insights

Publishing thoroughly researched perspectives and analysis on the trends and forces shaping global markets.


ETF Model Portfolios

Our ETF Model Portfolio solutions primarily illustrate ways to build portfolios aimed at achieving growth and income objectives.

Our ETF Platform is based on the notion of emergence – where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Enabling all of our brands to open new exposures and investment opportunities for our clients.

Global X was founded in 2008 with the mission of listening to and empowering clients to invest wisely in unexplored and intelligent solutions. With more than 80 funds across the U.S and foreign exchanges, they are distinguished by their smart core, income, alpha, risk management and thematic suites of ETFs.

As one of the leading ETF providers in Korea, Mirae Asset’s TIGER ETF provides original products ranging from global and regional focused to sector and thematic strategies. TIGER ETF aims to secure stable market returns for its clients through diversified investments and competitive expense ratios.

Headquartered in Toronto, Horizons ETFs offers one of the largest and dynamic suites of exchange traded funds in Canada. Providing innovative solutions for investors of all experience levels to meet their investment objectives in a variety of market conditions.

Along with our family of established brands Mirae Asset Global Investments continues to pioneer new markets such as India and Brazil. In 2018 we launched our first ETF in India and became a pioneer in the Brazil ETF market by launching the first Fixed Income ETF listed on the Brazil Stock Exchange


ETF Mirae Asset


Ticker Fund Currency Asset Value Share Date Country of Domicile Management Fee Fact Sheet Daily Newsletters
FIXA11 Mirae Asset Renda Fixa Pré Fundo de Índice BRL 12,468364 05/13/2022 Brazil 0,30%-0,40% a.a Access background blade Access here


Lower cost

Normally, when compared to traditional funds, the ETF tends to have a lower administration fee.


With only one transaction, the ETF can provide a diversified investment portfolio in fixed income securities.

Offers liquidity

It is possible to buy and sell ETF shares in the secondary market like stocks. The settlement occurs on the next business day (T+1).


Allowing the investor to follow a exact composition of the portfolio and the referenced index daily.

Accessible rate

Requires low initial investment value.

More information about the ETF

What is Fixed Income ETFs ?

Fixed Income ETFs is an index investment fund negotiated at the stock exchange, that aims to reflect the variations and profitability, before taxes and expenses, of fixed income indexes.

Index Funds Regulation

The Index Investment Funds (ETFs), have a constitution and functioning registration, issued by CVM, on the terms of CVM Instruction 359/02 e its alterations. Visit CVMs website by clicking here and acknowledge the Fund´s registration and other documents available. For more information, contact CVM at +55 21 3554-8686 - Rua Sete de Setembro, 111, Centro - Rio de Janeiro - Brasil.

The Fixed Income Index

The fixed income indexes allow the investor to evaluate how a specific group of assets behaved in comparison to another group or to it´s own portfolio. This occurs because the indexes are calculated as of a theoretical portfolio of assets.

Index Funds Target

ETF is an Index Fund that aims for investment returns resulting from the performance, before taxes and expenses, of the Index.

ETF´s shares and settlement

The ETF shares are negotiated on the secondary market at BM&FBOVESPA, in a similar way to stock. BM&FBOVESPA also issues and redeems shares, which characterizes ETF´s primary market. The share´s settlement and redemption processes allow the ETF to raise or reduce its net equity issuing new shares, or canceling the existing ones, by the ETFs administrator.

How to monitor an Index Funds price evolution

The Index Fund monitoring can be verified by the adherence to the referred index.

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